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Photo Courtesy of USDA


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So that we can assist you as completely and as promptly as possible, please provide us with sufficient information. 95% of the questions we receive are already answered in materials on this site. So, please check to see if the information you need is already available for your immediate access.

For questions about anything in your control panel, including setting up mail; installing front page extensions; changing your password; setting up MySQL and much more, visit this page.

To view our tutorials, visit this page.

For the top ten troubleshooting questions we receive, visit this page.

For 'getting started' tips, visit this page.

For help with webdesign-related questions such as how to work with FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Publisher and other resources, visit this page.

To place an order for webhosting, go here.

For details on the packages we offer, visit this page.

For information on making payments, go here.  To find your balance due, or to see if we have received your payment, log into your Client billing interface:

The username will be your primary account email.  If you have lost your password (which may or may not be the same as your control panel password), you can request a password reset at the Client login page.   If you pay your invoice in your Client interface, it will be immediately credited.  Other payments are applied manually and will not show until payment is received and posted. 

Keep your account contact information up to date so that you will receive important client information!


If you have other questions, please provide us with the followings basic information when you contact us, so that we can assist:

Your name; your domain name;  your telephone number; the specific problem (and any error messages you are receiving); what you have tried to do to resolve the problem; and any other details that might be helpful. We'll do our best to help you diagnose the problem and provide solutions!

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The Earth is in our Hands! In today's world, you have many choices for nearly everything you want to buy or service you need.  We appreciate your business, and take great care to make every effort to earn and keep your support!

Remember...the Earth is in our hands!
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