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To further our commitment to the environment, our servers are housed in a Network Operations Center that is a participant in "the Green Grid". Below is an overview of the Center:

Joining The Green Grid to Promote Data Center Efficiency
Company Shares Best Practices for Reducing Energy Consumption and Costs:  The Green Grid is a non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. With sixteen data centers around the United States and the United Kingdom, joining The Green Grid is our latest initiative to manage the increased power consumption of our facilities.

Recently, we developed a High Capacity data center environment to solve the power and cooling challenges created by higher density server deployments. Using proprietary monitoring software and systems in conjunction with cutting-edge data center equipment, we reduce energy consumption for cooling by more than 20% over conventional methods. We have developed a sophisticated cooling system that uses temperature probes to monitor and manage server cooling by auto-adjusting the fan speed to optimal levels. As a result, we can support higher density server requirements within its existing data center infrastructure for clients and double the watts per square foot than most existing data center facilities can offer today.

“Any company managing a data center today is faced with mounting concerns over energy efficiency and power consumption. Membership in The Green Grid is one way we are showcasing our commitment to increasing the efficiency of our data centers,” said Denis Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “Through our partnership with the organization, we will help set new industry standards to reduce energy consumption for our company and our customers. We look forward to working with The Green Grid and hope that our innovative practices, and the use of Direct Current power, can benefit others.”

About The Green Grid

The Green Grid is a global consortium of companies dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and computing ecosystems. The Green Grid does not endorse any vendor-specific products or solutions, and will seek to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics and technologies that will improve overall data center energy efficiencies. Membership is open to companies interested in data center operational efficiency at the Contributor or General Member level. General members attend and participate in general meetings of The Green Grid, review proposals for specifications and have access to specifications for test suites and design guidelines and IP licensing.
The Green Grid takes a broad-reaching approach to data center efficiency, focusing on data center “power pillars” that span the gamut of technology, infrastructure and processes present in today’s data center environments. The consortium’s focus includes research, standards writing, published studies and continuing education. Recently, The Green Grid unveiled its plans to complete a series of studies, including the assessment of energy efficiency metrics, the development of best practice guidelines on enhancing data center energy efficiency and a technology roadmap investigating the effectiveness of potential new energy saving technologies.


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