Website Terms and Definitions


What do all these of website terms mean?

Domain Name

A domain name is the text or 'name' that a person types into their web browser to visit a website. For example,,,, and are all possible domain names.


Domain Name Registration

In order to legally "own" a domain name such as, the name must first be registered. This registration is typically done when an account is setup, and then must be renewed annually. Khimaira-GreenEarthHost handles  Domain Name Registration for its customers, unless the domain name has been previously registered with another company and the client wants to pay for the renewal of the name.  If we maintain it for you, we renew the name for free. 


Disk Storage

This is the amount of space allotted to your website hosting account. You can use this space to store html files, images, audio or video files, email messages (your mail accountS), MySQL databases, or other files that may be used on your website or for personal access. Allotted space varies by package.



Every time you or someone else accesses/visits your website, data is sent from the servers your website is hosted on to the internet. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic (or total data sent) that your website generates. Bandwidth allowances vary by package.


Email Addresses

You can use your email address to send and receive messages, for free, over the Internet. With Khimaira-GreenEarthHost email services, you can customize email addresses for yourself, employees, or friends and family.


FTP and FTP accounts

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol." FTP is a way to transfer files from one computer to another. When you have a website, you can use FTP to put html files, images, videos, and other files from your computer onto your disk space for your website.

When you sign up for Website Hosting services,  you will receive an FTP account name and password. Use this information to login using an FTP program and transfer files from your personal computer to your website.



Subdomains are individual website addresses that are added to a pre-existing domain name. For example, if your website was, a subdomain would be

The number of subdomains allowed will vary by package.  If you are a business with many consultants, you could have be your website, and give each of your consultants their own website at The total space used by all accounts will count towards your usage. 


Website Statistics

Your website statistics show you how much traffic your website generates, how people got to your website (through a search engine, or by a link from another web page, etc.), and approximately where your website viewing audience is. You can also see which web browser people use to visit your website, and when your busiest viewing times are. Use information gained from your website statistics to tailor your website to your audience.


Email Spam Filtering

Most people with an email address have received spam, or junk mail, messages. Your email accounts all come with an optional spam mail filtering. This filter is very customizable, and is included for free with our  website hosting plans.


Email virus scanning

Some viruses are transmitted through emails, targeted to infect your computer. All of the email addresses come with FREE virus scanning. This virus scanning is automatically enabled,  so your account is protected


WebMail, POP3, IMAP

WebMail, POP3, and IMAP are three different ways that you can access your email. You can use one method for checking your email or a combination of methods. For example, you may use POP3 on your home/office computer, but use WebMail when you are traveling or want to read your email from a different computer.

WebMail allows you to check your email any time, anywhere. To access your email via WebMail, simply go to and login with your email username and password. You can set up an address book in WebMail, customize your mail options, send, receive, forward, save, and edit messages. One advantage to WebMail is that you can access your email account from any computer with an Internet connection, any time of day!  However, if using WebMail, the mail is stored on our servers, so the total space used is part of your account usage. Please note: if you use POP3 as well for your email account , only your new email messages will appear in WebMail.

POP3 is another way to access your email. You can set up your email account in your favorite mail program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Messenger, etc. (See tutorials Here) When your email account is set up as a POP3 account, all of your emails are stored directly on your computer. One advantage to a POP3 email setup is that you can compose, read, and edit emails when you are not connected to the Internet. Plus, storing your email messages on your local computer saves space on the server. If you have heavy email usages or numerous email accounts at your domain, the space usage can built up very quickly.

IMAP is yet another way that you can access your email. IMAP is similar to POP3 in that you set up your email account in a mail program (such as Outlook). However, when your email account is set up as an IMAP account, your messages are not saved directly on your computer - rather, they are kept on your mail server. IMAP is advantageous if you want to access your email using a mail program on your home computer, but wish to keep all of your emails accessible through WebMail. Please note: If you have many emails, or emails with large files attached, your IMAP setup may be slow to respond at time. Also, email messages do count towards your allotted disk space, so if you keep many large emails, you may reach your disk space quota quickly.


UNIX-based Servers

A server is the physical machine (computer) where your website files are stored. UNIX is one type of operating system that can be installed on a computer. All of the servers Khimaira-GreenEarthHost uses are operating on Red Hat Linux, one of the most stable server operating systems available. You can be sure that your website files are in good hands.


404 Error page

Have you ever tried to visit a website and instead received a page that says, Error 404: File not found? This is the error message that appears when someone tries to access a non-existent page on your website. You can customize this page to say whatever you want it to say.


Server Side Includes

Your web pages can "pull in" content from other pages on your website if you use server side includes. Server Side Includes are very helpful if you want to generate many pages quickly, or if you have a menu on every page of your website that is constantly changing. Pages using server side includes must end in ".shtml".


Dreamweaver & FrontPage

Dreamweaver and FrontPage are website design programs that you can use to design your website, if you wish. Website files are created with one of these programs, and then uploaded to your web server via FTP. There are many web design programs compatible with our servers.  We also offer free html editing packages directly in the File Manager of your Control Panel.


Password-Protected Directories

If you have certain pages on your website that you don't want to be accessed by the general public, you can set up a password for accessing those pages.  Please note that if you are using MS FrontPage, you will need to use the FrontPage methods of protecting directories.


Shared SSL

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a protocol that ensures secure communications on the Internet. ALL of our packages come with a shared SSL certificate, so you can safely use software that requires a secure connection.


Individual SSL

We can install an SSL Certificate for your specific domain, which removes a Shared SSL Security notice and gives your website visitors assurance that their personal information will not be stolen from your website. Individual SSL Certificates are available through Khimaira-GreenEarthHost for any domain, and they are included for free with our E-Commerce Hosting Plan.


Perl, CGI, PHP, Python, TCL

These are all different programming languages that can be used to write websites. Software for handling files written in these languages is installed on our servers.


MySQL Database

Data can be stored in a database for easy access and to speed up searching and retrieving files.  The number of databases included will vary by package.  Most of the free packages installed by Fantastico (in your control panel) will use a database.  These include packages such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others.
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