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Our parent company, Khimaira, has been an established business for over 30 years!  For the past 16+ years, we have operated a web hosting business with website development and e-commerce as well.  Our principals have extensive background in Information Management.

We acquired the hosting client base of the National Association of Conservation Districts in 2008.  We had previously been providing technical support and server administration for NACD.  We have a strong commitment to and understanding of conservation!  Co-owner Linda Campbell has served as a Conservation District Director for nearly 30 years; past chair of the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board; former President of the Virginia Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society; and a Director for the Shenandoah Valley RC&D.  Co-owner Leith Campbell is a retired Information Specialist for USDA, and formerly a NRCS IT employee and Conservationist.  They also own Khimaira Farm, which has operated a commercial goat dairy and marketed livestock  internationally for 40+ years.

In addition to Conservation Districts and other conservation partners, many of our clients are small businesses, including farms and other agricultural operations.  We also serve larger corporations as well as a variety of professional services.  Although diverse, our clients all have one thing in common....they need a dependable hosting company! We understand the economics, frustrations and dynamics involved with developing a successful online business or a successful information web presence.  Our relationships  with other  businesses  also help us to offer clients discounts on products and services.

We take great pride in our Environmental Stewardship. Read More...'s not just about price (although our prices are among the best you'll find for comparable features!).  We believe strongly in 'service after the sale', and we're here to help you! 

Our goal is to offer top quality products to our clients,
while maintaining personal service at reasonable prices. 

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Khimaira is a participant in the Virginia Green Program